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Aquiworx is a surface- and groundwater monitoring application that features a GIS front-end and utilizes Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access as a database. The software also includes an analytical well field and aquifer yield model.


Aquiworx is a stand-alone software package that does not require an instance of Microsoft Office.

Aquiworx is Windows compatible and recent versions have only been tested on Windows 7 & 8 (32 & 64bit). The major features of the software is as follows:

  • GIS interface (extensive file format support)
  • Quickly create a database in Microsoft Excel
  • Groundwater reserve determination
  • Scalable water quality database
  • Evaluate sites against standards
  • Geochemical, time series graphs
  • Analytical well field model
  • Aquifer firm yield model
  • Coordinate converter


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SEP 8, 2014
New update released
Image 03
AUG, 2014
Groundwater Resource Directed Measured merged with Aquiworx
Image 04
AUG, 2014
Aquifer yield model updated
Image 06
AUG, 2014
Development of borehole logs started